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December 2011



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HarperCraft Promotion Dinner

MOO Time: 2009-09-23 21:12:59
Internet Time: @134 beats
And on Pern ...
The time is 21:12.
It is late night of the fifty-sixth day of autumn.
It is the thirteenth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is an autumn evening.

Where: Harper Hall, Ballroom
Players: Tremaine, Erikkhan, Zakurrum, Sara, Veldara, Kapia, Melissandria, Moria, Cothia, Alesa, Vezre, Fintan, Sadaiya, Alesa

Summary: Another one of the Harpercraft's (in)famous dinners with food, drink, dancing and surprises galore!

Main Hall and Ballroom
The ballroom's vast space is simply and tastefully decorated, combining images and materials from many parts of Pern. Opposite the main entrance, a broad balcony is supported by pillars of the finest northern marble; polished to glassy smoothness,they contrast the toning blues of the walls. A staircase of the same stone rises in sturdy flights to the upper level. The high vaulted ceiling with its round wrought-iron window is white, brightening the room, while the varnished floor is the deep red-brown of a Lemos hardwood. High on the west wall, a large 'mural' shows a map of Pern framed by images of harper life and symbols of the Craft, while the bright 'tapestry' opposite offers an informal scene. Glowbaskets rest on marble stands of different heights, turned to give both direct and reflected light, while carved stone benches along the walls provide places to sit for those attending functions, or simply wishing to rest. For everyday use, rush matting protects the most frequented parts of the polished floor.
You see Leyte here.
Vezre, Melissandria, Moria, Fintan, Cothia, Veldara, Sara, Zakurrum, Zilurana, Sadaiya, Kapia, Tekailla, and Tremaine are here.
Obvious exits:
Artist's Workshop Archive Vault Harper Office Harper Classroom Shainman Rehearsal Hall Great Hall Instrument Workshop Curving Stairways

As another autumn evening arrives at the Harper Hall, the typical evening lull is interrupted by a flurry of activity in the ballroom. Drudges with steaming platters are scurrying to set up several fancy buffet tables on the floor near the front of the stage, all draped with table linens of finest harper blue, with the hall crest in the center. There are four rows of tables, one for each rank, also draped in fine blue linens with varying colors of napkins, depending on the table. To the far right, the Student's table has white napkins, and next to it, is located the Apprentice table with its gray napkins, the Senior Apprentice table with its light blue napkins, and the Journeyman table with its napkins which match the harper blue of the tablecloths. Lining the back wall in a perpendicular fashion is the Masters table, with Veldara sitting front and center, looking imperious as usual.

Wearing her favorite dress, Moria enters the ballroom with a gaggle of other girls. On one arm, Melissandria, on another, Sara, and Vezre, Zilurana and Cothia are just behind. "Ooh, look at all the food," Moria says, who for all her slimness, has a good appetite. Must be all the calories she burns running several miles every morning. She lets go of her friends arms and turns to give Melissandria a kiss on the cheek. "Say hello to Sadaiya for me," she says cheerfully, and then heads toward the apprentice table to find a seat. She chooses one near the center of the table and sits gracefully, waiting for her friends to join her.

Zilurana grins at the food and nods, "It does look tempting doesn't it?" is observed as she follows Moria and sits next to her friend. She'll miss Melissandra, but not to the point where she can't eat, Zilly can always eat. Well except when she had that horrible cold a few turns back that is.

Tekailla makes her way into the party and looks around. There's got to be someone here she recognizes, the island just isn't that big after all. Maybe she'll just find a nice out of the way spot to sit. Some place by the door would be good, that way she can scoot if she has to. Then again, maybe she can scoot into the student's table and not be too out of place.

Sara follows Moria for part of the table, then winks at her as a good-bye and continues on her way to the Senior apprentice table. The occasion seems to warrant talking to people she doesn't usually, so Sara obliges her sense of duty for the moment and strikes up a conversation with the boy sitting across from her. "No wonder they don't do this often, think about how much time they must have been working on this!"

Cothia is wearing her finest dress, keeping carefully with the group of girls, looking rather comfortable for once being with a group. There's a wave towards Melissandria as she, too, breaks from the group to join Moria at the table. There's a soft breath blown out as she moves to settle beside Moria. "It's too bad that they've got to sit over there." With a motion of her head towards the Student table.

Dressed in the same formal wear that he work to his concert, Fintan enters into the Ballroom alone with some ink stains still slightly present on his fingertips. Apparently someone's been working on music again. He looks almost like he only barely remembered that he was supposed to be here today since his hair. Truth be told, he looks more than a little bit like he's been burning his candle at both ends.

Zakurrum has settled himself amongst the other candidates at the apprentice table, in rather deep, quiet conversation with an older apprentice at his side. However, his eyes continually flicker around the hall in interest as more people begin to file in, his gaze concentrating on the Master's table the most as he waits for food-time. Hey, he's hungry!
Tremaine enters quietly amid all the noise and activity, nodding to a few, but more or less keeping to himself. He walks somewhat stiffly over to the Apprentice table and takes a seat on the end, making as little movement as possible so as not to wrinkle his new attire.

Melissandria hugs Moria lightly and waves at Cothia and Sara, before heading off to the Student table. She's dressed in one of her formal dresses, though really, how often do you see the girl out of formal dress? It's just the way she was raised - and considering she's a Lord Holder's daughter, that's probably a good thing. She finds a seat, and smoothes her skirt. "It's too bad we can't sit with our friends," she murmurs to one of the other girls at the table, who laughs quietly back at her.

Vezre smiles as she follows the gaggle of Harper girls into the ballroom. She was wearing her finest dress and looks at all the setup. "This looks wonderful!' she smiles as she goes with the other Apprentices to sit with them. The excitement is clear on her face at attending her very first Harper Dinner to see how it all happens. "This all looks wonderful, better than what they make every day in the Hold," she smiles and starts to settle down at the Apprentice table, seeing everyonw who has gathered for this gathering.

Kapia isn't exactly the most social of creatures, so though she's dressed herself in her favorite (and not the usual dress!) dress, she's still a bit apprehensive about going near the Apprentice table. The teen makes her way to the nearest open seat, makes sure no one was going to take it, and sits in it, offering a timid smile to whoever happens to be sitting nearby. "Hello." And that's it for being vocal on her end.

Sadaiya's chillin' with Melissandria. "Hey! Moria! No love for me? Or do you only adore me when I'm incapacitated!" She laughs musically after her called-out greeting, angling a wave at everyone and pulling up next to her co-student at the star studded uppaclass ladies table. "I'm going to be honest here, girls," she says as she flattens her skirt with fussy hands. "The food looks luscious and I am going to spoil my hips and let them spread more. Did you smell the herdbeast? Wooo!"

Alesa makes her way into the ballroom and makes her first stop by the Masters table. Seems Veldara had something she wished to speak to the Journeyman about, and Alesa listens with a very polite, neutral expression on her face, before making her way to the Journeyman's table. Taking quick glances towards the doorway, she is on the alert for another Journeyman whose name starts with an E.

Moria nods at Cothia. "Yeah, well... I'm sure we'll be allowed to mingle after dinner." She grins across the room at Sadaiya. "I didn't see you way over there," she calls cheerfully. Then she blows a kiss. When she catches sight of Zakurrum, she leans forward to address him better. "Hello, Zak! How have you been?"

Zilurana grins broadly at Kapia, "This will be fun, you should relax a bit more. No one here is going to bite," teasing? You bet, Zilly wouldn't be Zilly if she didn't tease just a little bit, "Who do you think is going to Walk?" she then asks of Moria leaning heavily on her elbows as she speculates privately at that answer.

Tekailla pulls out her wax tablet and sets it on the table next to her plate. She's prepared to spend a long night writing everything out, but that's alright she's certainly used to it. If she's lucky she'll spend more time eating than writing, but she won't count on it. If she's really lucky no one will notice her and she can have a good meal (much better than dolphincraft has) and slip home without being missed. But that may be asking too much.

Sara makes her eyes rove around and upon seeing Fintan frowns. Well, he doesn't look good. Excusing herself she moves seats to be next to him. "You look tired." Blut anyone?

"Been up for awhile. Had a song in my head and needed to get it down. No big deal." Fintan says laughing a little bit and stretching,"Honestly, if this weren't mandatory I'd probably be asleep right now." He says absently.

Melissandria grins at Sadaiya. "Well, this is something special, so we might as well eat up when we're allowed, right?" Right. Don't argue with her, she's got a streak of ferocity. Sometimes. Once in a while. "How have you been, Sadaiya?"

Cothia nods to Moria, "I guess so, yeah. But it's really too bad." A sigh before she tilts a look to Zilurana with wide eyes. "Are you sure? I'm sure I saw someone biting someone!" There's a giggle as she returns the teas, a head shake. "I don't know. Not sure I know anyone who'll be walking."

"Hmm," Moria says, considering Zilurana's question. "Well, I think definitely Fintan and Sara for their Journeymen's knots. As for apprentices, I don't know." She shrugs, wearing an enigmatic little smile which gives away nothing. She giggles. "No biting, girls, unless it's food on your fork." She shakes a finger in mock-sternness, attempting to look like a Harper lecturing pupils and failing, mostly.

Kapia blinks at Zilurana, and looks down at the table. "I...guess so?" Is her response. Yeah. Cothia's comment to Zilly gets wide eyes from the teen. What kind of craft did she join? Even though she's not sure if Cothia's serious or not, she's squeezing inwards. She'll be the most compact Apprentice before the night is over, at this rate.

Zakurrum perks up at the sound of Moria's voice, and his lips spread wide in a toothy smile that constrasts distinctly against his dark skin. "Been right priddy good m'self, lately, tanks... How you be, Mor'ya?" He gives her a rather pleasant wink, waiting for her response, before turning his eyes away to eagerly check out the rest of the inhabitants of the hall. "You'da tink they all runnin' round wit der heads cut off," he says rather loudly.

"If it wasn't for all the noise I'd say you should just take a a few z's here at the table but..." Sara glances around the room. The noise level has started to reach amazing levels. "You'd be hard put to manage it!"

Zilurana laughs, "Well maybe, but I'm pretty sure that was asked for," a wink is given to Cothia and then Zilly laughs outright at the way Kapia is shrinking in on herself, "Oh do relax, this is a party, okay, it's formal to be sure. But a party just the same, and I for one intend to enjoy myself," she looks round the table with a speculative look, "If Fintan doesn't walk, I'll be completely shocked," she admits suddenly, then blushes slightly. Hey, Fin is attractive.

Erikkhan slips into the hall just as the noise is getting louder. Good. He's only barely late. He looks around and spots his mother wiggling a finger at him. Steeling himself, for just about any encounter with his mother is bound to be... uncomfortable, and walks up to the master's table. When he gets there, Master Veldara leans over and speaks to him softly, instructing him on his duties for the evening. When she's finished, he looks back across the room, a wide smile on his face. Other's might take the smile as Erikk being happy to be included in this evening's events, but, he knows better than that. He stays at Veldara's
side, looking out at the crowd, and smoothing out his best Gather tunic.

"I'm doing great, actually!" chirps Sadaiya as she fiddles idly with her silverware, rearranging it to her pleasure then settling her hands in her lap. "Everything's back to normal. Got my range back. How're you doing? I've missed talking to you so much while I've been away at Boll!"

Veldara clears her throat, stares out over the body of apprentices and other ranks at large, and suddenly clinks her glass with her spoon. Very, very loudly. Her pale arms show a stark comparison to her deep blue gown and her gold bracelet upon her right wrist slides up and down as she clanks the glass together. "Attention, attention please!" She booms out in a deep, matronly alto tone. "I'd like to make some statements on behalf of Harper Hall at large, being the current Craftsmaster." Which means you better stay quiet because this lady is scary if crossed.

Cothia gives Moria a sullen look, "but Moria." A teasing little protest before she giggles and looks to Kapia, "really. It's okay. We're just having fun." To Zilurana, eye brows lift and then she leans over to whisper. "Why would someone /want/ to be bitten? Ewww." A sound of disgust from the apprentice before she sits back in her seat. "I guess so, yeah. He taught one of my lessons, so maybe he's up for it now."

"Oh I could probably do it but if someone has to Walk, then I'd miss it and that's kind of rude, ye know?" Fintan says giving a soft chuckle and stretching a bit,"The downside to having so many things playing inside your head is that you end up having trouble sleeping." As Veldara speaks, he goes silent anything else he was going to say is cut off as he /really/ doesn't want to cross Veldara.

"A party...right..." Kapia repeats, glancing up at the Zilurana. "Fintan...he's that one over there, right..?" She's not stopping shrinking in on herself yet. Nope, Zilly and Cothia have made her wary now. When Veldara speaks, though, she falls silenter than before, listening quietly.

Moria sees Zil's blush, and blinks, and then stores that little fact away in the back of her mind to mull over at a later time. She sees Erikkhan walk in and waves. "Hello, Journeyman," she calls just loud enough for him to hear. Hopefully. Veldara's throat clearing gets an instant subsidal, and she turns her attention strictly forward, her mouth closed, waiting for the announcement.

Melissandria smiles at Sadaiya, "Wonderful to hear. We'll have to catch up soon." Yes, she heard the big scary Harper lady. She'll be quiet now.
Tremaine remained quiet once he got to his seat, so only had to shift his attention once Veldara began speaking.

Vezre smiles at everyone and looks around a bit. "All of the Harpers in the area seemed to have gathered here..." She waves to the few non-apprentices she knows, both otherwise settles down. When she hears Veldara speak up, she makes sure she has her full attention upon the Harper Master.

As Veldara stands at attention, Alesa stands as well and walks to be by her side, on the opposite side as Erikkhan. She smooths down the hem of her well worn, yet still fancy teal gown and fiddles with her pinned-hair a bit, then folds her hands neatly at her front. A small stomach rumble is the only betrayal at what goes on behind the light blue eyes, she's fairly well hungry because she's been working all day without many breaks.

Sara laughs outright at Fintan, but clamps her mouth shut right after. She had spent close to no time with the master, and from what she has hear from Erikkhan... She would rather stay on the woman's good side. Her eyes fix on Veldara, though she cannot help but notice Erikk and Alesa there also.

Erikkhan looks around the room as it quiets, the foolish smile still plastered across his face. But he doesn't speak, not at all, he's crossed this woman enough in his younger years. He steals a glance at Alesa and then another around the room, trying to spot someone.
Sadaiya has her lips zipped and attention fully fixed on the almighty Veldara. ALL HAIL!

Cothia goes quiet instantly as soon as Moria does, turning her head and keeping attention forward.

Zakurrum turns his eyes to the Masters table, instantly hushing when commanded. He's a good little apprentice! However, the smile on his face doesn't seem to evaporate from a joke someone apparently had whispered in his ears. Ignore the random chuckles from his direction!

Zilurana instantly falls silent and bites back any reply she might have been thinking about making. She's not had too many run ins with Master Veldara, and she doesn't plan to either.

Veldara takes a deep breath, "As you all know, it has been a splendiferous turn for our esteemed craft. We have.." she pauses, ticking things off on her fingers, "Hosted several balls, including the Lord Holder's ball. We have stationed more of our best Journeymen at the weyrs than ever before, and we have welcomed back Master Ylisa from her absence from the Istan hall. We have seen many Journeyman project presentations, some excellent and some not as much. And we have had a boom of new apprentices joining the hall, a credit to, what we all know is /the/ most important craft in all of Pern." Just humor her. "Tonight, we gather here to eat, and share in the glory that is Harper. But, before the food, I would like Apprentices Cothia, Tremaine, Moria, and Zilurana to stand, you have some explaining to do."
Moria pays careful attention to Veldara's speech, her face serious, except for the little twitch of her nose when fragrant scents of delicious food waft by. And then her name is called. She rises, slowly, looking a bit confused.

Zilurana blinks as she hears her name called and rises with Moria. What'd she do this time? Because she most certainly has done something, why else does she spend so much time in the archives?

A delighted smile lights up Sadaiya's face and she barely contains a clap, though her hands do meet. Her head swivels back and forth, giving her friends bright-eyed and supportive glances.

Erikkhan raises his brow at his mother's announcement. He too, is a little confused, but an inkling of what is going on bloms in his mind and he has to keep from smirking. He stands himself at attention and tries to look serious... maybe. He looks at the mentioned apprentices and feels a little sorry for them.

Kapia eyes Zilurana and Cothia more than the other two. Had they bitten people after all, then? Well, the Craftmaster will say so soon, won't she? Or maybe there's something else going on.

Vezre blinks as she hears the names of some apprentices that she knows. She looks at them curiously as they stand and ponders what it is that they have to deal with in such a public setting.

Cothia smiles at Veldara's speech, but then is loosing that smile as her name is called. Quickly, she rises and keeps her head forward. But there's very much a look of confusion and shock on her face.

Sara turns in her seet to look at Moria. She can't think of anything the girl had done which would deserve singling out. So this means it has to be good news, right?

Melissandria grins, watching her friends at the Apprentice table. Well now..Moria hasn't done anything bad, that she knows of, so it must be something good, right? Which means she can grin. And be happy for her friends.

Uhoh. Tremaine is pretty sure he knows what's going on, but with Master Veldara you never know. As an Apprentice who's rather fond of roaming after curfew, he's had the opportunity to do extra chores at her "request" plenty of times. He stands hesitantly, smoothing out his tunic and vest front before clasping his hands behind his back and waiting nervously.

Alesa smirks a bit in spite of herself, being long past the days of being an in trouble apprentice, herself, she doesn't miss them one bit at this particular moment in time. She tries not to focus on the food smells wafting from the buffet tables, despite having all the dishes being covered with metal or clay tops to preserve freshness.

Veldara frowns, "Apprentices Cothia, Tremaine, Moria and Zilurana, what's this I hear about multitudes of hours spent in the archive rooms. Or, after class with your teachers. That will-" She pauses mid sentence as the ailing Journeyman Edsel is assisted by two other Journeymen, slowly, finally making his way over to the appropriate table. He sits at the end, so as to be able to extend his legs out a bit and not bother anyone too much. Veldara scowls a bit and starts over, "That will never never do. Does this mean you are too stupid to learn and have to take the extra time?" She scowls again, which lightens a bit as she continues, "Or, perhaps it means you are just hard working enough to advance to the next level." All at once a male Master in a yellow formal tunic rises, he had been inconspicuously placed near the back, and infact could have been mistaken for a drudge by those who don't know him. "Master Cashogan, please give these four their new Senior Apprentice knots, and remove their old ones." Cashogan grins delightedly as he opens up a fine wooden box to reveal a velvety interior and four knots, each with a double cord, single loop and a small tail, with the dominant color being Harper blue.

Zilurana blinks as she looks from Master Veldara to Master Cashogan and back again. Admittedly, she's come to like the archives, but she's been spending time there because... yeah, blinking is good. Blinking is all Zilly can manage, she won't even bother trying to say anything. She's too stunned.

Erikkhan has to keep himself from laughing at Veldara's little charade. He looks around the room and softly coughs into his hand to hold back another laugh. He's nearly on his toes with excitement too, oh, and hunger. He too had done his bit of work today.

Moria goes pale at Veldara's frown, and the question of intelligence brings the color back and she fairly glowers at the Master -- for a split second -- before catching herself and smoothing out her expression. But that only lasts a short while, a few seconds at the most, when Veldara drops the subterfuge and promotes them. And then -- a smile. A hesitant I-can't-believe-it's-really-happening kind of smile that blooms over her face, all white teeth and dimples and silent, relieved laughter.

Tremaine raises his eyebrows in shock, surprise, and amazement. He knew this was the natural progression of things on his way to full Harperdom, but when it actually happens the emotions kind of sweep you over. He smiles his biggest smile ever and stands proudly erect to wait for Master Cashogan to present him with his new knot.

Sara has to restrain herself from trying to get up to help, she didn't think Edsel was going to make it this evening! Her worry for the old man is very clear on her face and she misses the first part of Veldara's continuing speach. It is not untill she hears clapping that she tears her look away from her mentor to see what the clapping is about. Oh! New Senior Apprentices! She smiles brodly and begins to clap.

Vezre giggles at hearing this and applauds a bit at finding them going to the next level. Wonderful! Of course she feels bad she can't join them, but then, she started a lot further than she is right now. But this is very good for them.

Applauding as the Apprentices are given their Senior Apprentice knots, Fintan smiles a little bit at each of them. He's seen some of them working quite hard. Now Tremaine. That one's a little bit of a surprise. Who'd have thought the boy who seemed to find a way to get into trouble on any given day would be promoted.

Melissandria applauds, yes, applauds for her friends. If she had not been born the daughter of a Lord Holder, there would be whistles in there somewhere. But she hasn't been broken entirely of her Holder habits yet, so she just grins broadly and applauds.
Sadaiya won't wolf-whistle or yell, but she does lean over to Melissandria and whisper a little too loudly, "Mel, we'll have to celibrate, whatcha say?" Then, clapping. She joins in enthusiastically, pumping the volume as Moria's knot is handed to her.

Cothia's jaw drops at the Master's words, but making no protest. Then, her eyes go wide as she draws to the end. Finally, she breathes in relief. A smile comes forth and she smiles cheerfully, relieved and she bows her head in silent thanks.

Kapia claps for the people she doesn't really know, smiling shyly for them. Well...maybe they don't bite people like the one girl implied.

Alesa grins knowingly, shooting a look over to Erikkhan. They both knew of what was going on here long before any of the stressed out apprentices did. Its good to be in the know, but its just one of the perks of Journeymanhood. She starts clapping enthusiastically after Veldara makes her announcement and stares down at her stomach region. Quiet you! She does a shifty eye gaze around the room, did anybody hear?

Master Cashogan finishes handing out the knots to all the new Senior Apprentices, and then deposits the box at the Master's table and takes his seat once more.
Moria handles the knot proudly, unashamed of the tears in her eyes that she dashes away with the back of her hand. She pins it on, and then wraps an arm around Cothia. "We made it!" she whispers... and then waits to see if they'll be joining the Senior Apprentices at the other table, which suddenly looks very cool.

Tremaine beams proudly, knot in hand and bright smile on his face. He waits for further instructions from Master Veldara though, not wanting to make any mistakes now that he and the others are in the spotlight.

Zilurana stands where she is just staring down at the knot in her hands, then she's pinning it in place. She isn't getting the boot? But wasn't that why she was asked to stand up? Yep, Zil's confused alright, poor girl is going to need some help with this one.
Veldara clears her throat again, and clanks the glass with her spoon. "Attention, all, I am not finished speaking," the Craftsmaster officiously proclaims, sending another frown around the room. Sharding exuberant youngsters. Simmer down, ya hear? She shoots glances at Alesa and Erikkhan in turn, for some reason or another, and then continues with her speech. "As of late, as I mentioned, the craft has seen many Journeyman projects completed, the two most recent being Sara's instrument project and Fintan's orchestral performance. I think we should all give them a round of applause, yes? Alesa, Erikkhan, please lead the applause for the two projects, if you would."

Moria applauds loudly, as soon as she can rip her fingers from her brand-new senior apprentice knot. She /beams/ at Sara, and to a lesser degree, Fintan as well, truly, truly happy for them. "I knew they'd get promoted!" she says to everyone at her table. "Oh, this is so wonderful!"

Sara has to laugh at the look on Veldara's face as she clinks her glass. She's frowning at such a happy subject. Sara turns to Fintan to direct her applause at him. His concert really was, very, very good.

Alesa receives the stare from Veldara, and links her arm in Erikkhan's, together the two both make their way towards the Senior Apprentice table and then split off, one to each side of the table. Alesa begins, "Everyone give a round of applause for the two who worked so hard on their projects!" And she starts clapping, beckoning Sara and Fintan to stand and be acknowledged.

This all seems to actually catch Fintan by a bit of surprise, but he does applaud for Sara though. Her instruments were quite well made and useful since they were a touch newer than most of the ones and in a bit better repair as some of the instruments he was going to use originally had needed to be patched up a little bit.

Cothia returns the hug to Moria, "yes. We made it." She breathes out softly in delight, pinning up her own knot and then returning to her seat. Quiet once more, watching with wide-eyes. At Alesa's prompt, she begins her clapping with a wide grin.

Melissandria beams at Moria, hoping the other will catch the look from her, and turns her attention to Sara and Fintan, applauding both of them as well. Heck yes, this is a celebration. She's gonna clap unless told to stop.

Sara raises an eyebrow at Fintan then stands, continuing to clap. She has a pretty good idea, in light of what had happened just now with the new Senior Apprentices, of why they're being told to stand.

Tremaine begins applauding for Sara and Fintan at Journeyman Alesa's behest, though he would've anyway. Both of their projects were well deserving of recognition. He looks around wondering if he should take his seat now, or remain standing. Erring on the side of caution, he remains standing, though a slightly embarrassed blush creeps along his face.

Vezre turns over to Sara and Fintan, smiling at the two of them, applauding as the two Journeymen seem to instruct. Huh, wonder why the Journeymen are 'leading' the applause like this.

Raucous applause turns Sadaiya's palms red. "Right on Sara!" she cries, throwing decorum to the wind in order to give her dorm-mate her due. And this time she also whistles, loud and sharp.

Erikkhan applauds loudly for Sara and Fintan. He looks at Alesa and beams. He /really is/ very proud of the two senior apprentices. He lets out a laugh too, such merriment!

Zilurana blinks a few more times before she slowly looses her hold on consciousness. Oh joy, she's not one for shocks, and this is a big shock to her. Watch out everyone, Zilly's a tall girl and she's going to fall.

Veldara speaks again, over the current buzz of excitement, "Journeymen Alesa and Erikkhan, you need to escort those two out. They need to leave right now." A pause, "They need to leave their table and go to one that more befits their position." This lady loves keeping people in suspense.

Alesa places her hand on Fintan's shoulder to guide him and at the same time, Erikkhan does the same to Sara. It seems these two are going on a little trip to the Journeyman table.

Moria starts the chant. "Walk, Sara, walk! Walk, Fintan, walk!"

Sara knew this was coming, she really did. But the impact of the moment still stuns her. There is no need to hide the look in her eyes when she looks at Erikkhan now, happiness seems to be the only word to describe it. Slowly she steps away from the table to be led up by Erikkhan.

Kapia joins in on the chant. No one will notice, right? "Walk, Sara, walk! Walk, Fintan walk!"

Vezre looks around at the other Apprentices a bit confuse as the chat starts up. It takes a few times before she figures it out and joins in. "Walk, Sara, walk! Walk, Fintan, walk." So this is what they meant by 'walk the tables'.

The chant is taken up across the entire hall, beginning softly as a few start the chant, and growing louder as the tempo is set and everyone joins in. Tremaine adds his voice to the others, alternating between shouts of "Walk Fintan walk" and "Walk Sara walk!"

Melissandria joins in the chant with a beaming grin. "Walk, Sara, walk! Walk, Fintan, walk!"
"Walk, Sara, walk, wa!" is Zakurrum's echoed chant. He's really been here, this whole time! Really! He's just a very silent tom.

Erikkhan grabs Sara's shoulder and beams proudly at her again. "Let's get you where you belong eh?" He says and starts walking her to the appropriate table, the chants wafting up in the air around them.

Cothia giggles and joins in cheerfully, "walk, Sara, walk!" A grin, "walk, Fintan, walk!"
Blinking his eyes slowly, it takes a few moments for Fintan realizes what is really happening and then begins his walk in almost autopilot movement, the look on his face is one that he's quite stunned. It's like he didn't actually expect it at all.

Zakurrum also adds in, "Walk, Fintan, walk!" He even does a table-pound as well, because he's just that enthusiastic. It's worth it!

Alesa does her part to lead Fintan up up and away, back to the Journeyman table. "I knew you could do it, lad. I knew it." The blonde beams proudly at the composer as she leads him down the aisle and around to where an empty seat and a knot at the journeyman's table awaits him.

There are places for Sara and Fintan to sit, but Sara does not go for them right away. Instead, she makes a slight detour and stops by the aging Edsel. She bends and hugs him, firmly, but not tightly, and says something in his ear. The old man laughs, coughing, and Sara kisses him on the forehead before.

Erikkhan lets Sara take her detour, but right after leads her to the journeyman's table. "I'm so proud of you." He says in a low voice. He continues the applause when they get there, joining in on the chant. "Walk Sara Walk. Walk Fintan Walk."

Taking the knot in rather numb fingers, Fintan takes his seat turning just a little bit pink as he struggles for composure. "Err... Thanks." He says in a voice hardly above a whisper as he sits down trying to put the knot into place properly.

Sara beams at Erikkhan, then directs her attention to the knot in front of her. Unlike
Fintan she seems a bit more composed, and manages to get het knot in place easily. Then she turns her attention to Fintan and grins at his difficulty. Between his suprise and lack of sleep Sara is hardly surprised he is having difficulty. Taking the decision out of his hands she reaches out to help him afix the knot, winking slyly.

Veldara returns to her seat, also. "Well then, let us eat! You may all attend the buffet table, Journeymen to the front of the line." She waves her hand and two drudges immediately appear to go serve her a plate. Like she has to get up to do it herself, yo. Other drudges uncover the delicacies that have been tempting everyone all evening long. Steaming tureens of herdbeast stew, spicy fish fillets with tubers and vegetables, sliced tubers with cheese sauce, an assortment of fresh vegetables, fresh spiderclaw cakes with citrus sauce, herdbeast and ovine filled meatrolls, crackers, goat cheese, and more delights. The drinks table is full of wines for the Journeymen and juices and waters for the others who are not allowed to drink, including Paradise blush wine, Benden red wine, Gar Cider, klah slush, fruity slush, redfruit juice, and water. The desserts tables is laden with bubbly pies of all sorts of berry flavors, klah-cream pies, and cookies, and a ton of other things. The Hall shelled out quite a few marks for the services of the Bakercraft on this one.

Hungry? You bet. Moria makes very good use of her long legs, and doesn't quite run to the food table. When she loads up and turns back to sit down, however, she heads for the senior apprentice table, with a huge grin.

Cothia follows after Moria to get food! She's hungry, as soon as that's announced, she's more than quick to hop to that! Her plate is loaded quickly and she follows Moria to the Senior's table with a giddy grin. "Exciting!"

Erikkhan smiles at Sara and holds out a friendly hand. "Well, shall we eat Journeywoman Sara? Or stand here while all the food gets devoured?" He laughs and sends a look towards the food.

Tremaine grins to no one in particular as they are left to their own devices and finds a nice corner, out of the way of the activity to get to the food, so he can admire his new knot and observe the festivities.

Sara takes Erikk's hand with a smile, but doesn't hold it for too long. They should only just know one another professionally. Though, that could change now. "Want me to bring you something Fintan?"

Alesa has now done her job and now it is time to eat! She takes her place at the front of the line and piles her plate high with about one of everything, the desserts will come later. And she grabs a large goblet of Paradise blush wine. Let the boozing begin. Making her way back to the Journeyman table, she thinks to make another trip to the line and provide something for Edsel, a bit of hot soup and some crackers. He smiles and starts sipping from his bowl gingerly, that stuff is hot but very good.

Melissandria fetches food for herself as well, and returns to the Student's table with the others, gossiping and smiling. She's waiting, patiently, before she can go and congratulate her friends. She's so happy for them!

Kapia is still here, even though her player has to go. She's just being miss quiet over there in that there chair.
Kapia goes home.

Sadaiya walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.
Erikkhan chuckles and relinquishes Sara's hand easily, after all, when tonight is over, there will be plenty of time for that. He heads for the food table and gets a plate. He piles it decently high and gets himself a glass of Paradise Blush wine. As with others, he thinks, let it begin! He has no intention of wiling away /this/ party completely sober.

Picking her way around various toothpick speared cheeses, Sadaiya frowns. A few find their way to her plate and sit alongside some other most luscious finger foods. She turns her head and huffs to whomever is standing next to her, "Are all of these those mild cheeses? Because I love ones that make the back of my mouth pucker up, they're that sharp." She eyes the wines greedily: as a student, no such anti-booze rules apply to her. Mwa ha.

Moria bolts her food down. Admittedly, it's a dainty kind of ravenous shovelling, wherein her mouth is closed during chewing, and no food flies around where it shouldn't, but the fact remains that her plate is cleared as speedily as she runs. A few hasty gulps of water, and then she's sitting there. Fidgeting. Waiting until the dancing can start, and she can go and hug all of her friends, besides the couple sitting next to her.

Melissandria has already returned to the table with some of the other students. She avoids wine, for whatever reason, even though the anti-booze rules don't apply to her either, as she is a student.

Erikkhan waits for Sara before he heads back to the journeyman's table. He sits, takes a sip of wine and tucks in, he's starving! Not much mind is given to the surrounding noise and people. There's food in front of him! He does eat slowly though, sipping his wine now and again.

Making sure that his knot is firmly in place, Tremaine waits for the buffet tables to empty of vultures before leaving his corner and making a small plate of little foods that won't get his new clothes dirty. Plate in hand, he returns to his corner, standing with his back leaned against the wall and watching the festivities.

Cothia keeps to herself at the table now, quickly eating her food but not hurrying from her seat. Instead, she's taking a look around the Ballroom curiously, lifting her brows thoughtfully.

Sara sits down with her food, but finds that she can barely eat anything. The excitement was a bit too much, even with a bit of forewarning. A few bites in and Sara is very done with the food, no matter how good it tasted. She gets up and moves to a place near Edsel with a wink at Erikk and begins to talk to the older man, keeping an eye on how well he seemed to be doing with the noise and excitement.

Skirts swishing with the unique sound of sisal and silk, Sadaiya sidles herself to Tremaine's side, plate in hand. "So," she starts with a slight smile, her voice lowering to a loud non-alliterative whisper. "Is this where the anti-minglers are hiding tonight?" Deploy: DIMPLES

Alesa is still here, she presumably eats a ton, drinks a ton and then staggers off to her room in a happy daze.

Erikkhan catches Sara's wink and smiles at her before tucking back into his food and wine. He makes conversation with the journeyman sitting next to them. They get into a technical discussion about paint mixing and technique.

Moria waits for the dancing. She's already looking around at the men and boys, sizing up those she knows are good dancers. Zakurrum and Erikkhan both get grins.

Tremaine blinks at being approached, and blinks again at being addressed. He glances around nervously for a moment before replying, "Umm, I guess." Thinking this a rather lame reply, he adds, "Kind of in shock.. trying to take it all in."

Melissandria is finished with her food soon enough, and watches, waiting for the dancing and such. Not that she'll /be/ dancing, but...hey. She glances about for Moria, and gives her a wave when she sees her. Hiiiiii there, you person all the way over thereeeee.

"Well congratulations anyway!" Sadaiya smiles again and shifts her plate to the other hand so that she can extend the proper one for shaking. "Tremaine, correct? I'm Sadaiya, in case you forgot. Tend to not be in many classes with you. For some reason I get shunted into the dainty-dainty things and not much that's actually interesting." Her eyes roll with long suffering DRAMA, but her grin is intact.

Cothia is such a wallflower, moving away from the table and lingering elsewhere. She's mostly watching anyone dancing, looking quite interested but not participating.

Tremaine smiles and takes the offered hand politely and graciously. "Trey, please. And thank you Sadaiya." He nods at her mention of classes and says, "I've been busy with those and haven't noticed much of anyone lately. So much to do." He nods in affirmation of his own statement, and munches on his food, not being the best with small talk.

And.... Moria's done waiting. This is Harper Hall, so there must be music playing, right? She jumps up from her seat and approaches a tall, gangly, spotty-faced apprentice who she knows is more graceful than he looks, and asks him to dance. He turns bright red, but grins and accepts, and off they go!

When the music starts Edsel cuts his conversation with Sara short, he waves one hand at her, seeming to say 'go have fun' before turning his attention to another journeyman with a smile. Sara laughs at his abruptness and stands. "Erikkhan, dance with me?" Her eyes are twinkling.

"Well here I am! Notice me!" With a giggle, Sadaiya retrieves her digits and does a bit of jazz-hands. Well, hand. "Care for some potentially delicious or tragic cheese? I haven't checked." The plate is waggled in what might be a tempting manner. "And then I might ask you to dance. You can think about it while you consider my cheese."

Erikkhan looks up when Sara approaches and smiles. He sips the last of his wine and turns back to the man he'd been talking to. "Please, excuse me. We'll continue later." He stands and the other man just waves him on, another 'go have fun' look is given, but to Erikk this time. Erikk takes Sara's hand and leads her t the dance floor.

Tremaine blushes an intensely bright red and nearly drops his own little plate as he begins to stammer, "No...well, yeah...I'm sure the cheese is fine, thank you...I'm fine though." He looks for a route of escape, but seeing none (darn hiding in corners), stammers again, "You want to...dance with me?" He pictures himself, all spindly legs and arms, flailing on the floor and tripping over himself like a fool and a slightly nauseated look comes over him.
Though not the best dancer in the world, Sara firmly believes that this will be the best dance ever. Mostly because it is the first time she has ever dared to /ask/ him to dance. Things were always different when they were with someone unique.

Melissandria remains seated when she sees Moria going to go dance, and smiles to herself. She'll wait to congratulate her friend. Some senior apprentice she's met a time or two asks her to dance, but she gives him a smile and a gentle 'I don't dance'. Nope, she's not going to dance. Not happening. Well, if she's ordered to, it might. But that's not too likely...right?

That dance done, Moria makes her way over to the student table and flops down next to Melissandria. "Come dance," she urges. "I'll dance with you, and hand you off to a cute guy. Much cuter than the one you just refused." Oh, yes, she saw that.

Erikkhan gets them to the dance floor and starts them off with a flourish, and leads the way around the dance floor. All the while, he's got a foolish grin on his face. "You look beautiful Journeywoman. Congradulations." His foolish grin turns into Sara's special smile when he's done talking.

Sadaiya grins toothily and, without breaking her eye contact, sets her plate down with a small flourish. "Actually, I was asking the wall you're hiding against if it'd dance. But it doesn't look interested. That panelling doesn't know how to turn a woman down gently." Hands unburdened, she rests them on her hips and tips her head up to regard the new Senior Apprentice. "You can say no, though, you know. I just thought you looked like you needed to be surprised into joining in the fun lest you hide here and miss out on it."

Melissandria beams at Moria when she approaches, and leans over to give the other a tight hug. "Congratulations, Senior Apprentice." Her voice is full of happy laughter. "And...I don't dance, 'ria. I don't mind that badly..." She laughs softly, and shakes her head. "How is it, my friend, that I am not surprised you saw that?"

"Thank you Journeyman." It was a good thing they were moving, because no one looking at the pair would ever believe there was nothing between them. Her excitement smile has softened to one of simple pleasure nad happiness. "Edsel mentioned that he wanted to walk me, but with him so sick I am glad you were able to do so."

Moria giggles. "I see everything," she says, in what is probably her version of a scary voice, but just sounds silly. "Oh, I know you do dance. YOu danced with me the other day. Come on! THis isn't any different. Just do what I do, and have fun!" She looks out across the dance floor and sees... Sara and Erikkhan, looking at each other, so OBVIOUSLY in love. She beams at them. "Look," she says softly to Melissandria. "How beautiful!"

Tremaine blinks. He blinks again for good measure, perhaps to prove a point. He gives an inward sigh and decides that there is only one gentlemanly a polite thing to do in a case like this. "I would...I would be honored if you would dance with me Sadaiya," he tries a slight bow for good measure. Well...when in Rome.

Erikkhan smiles. "Of course! Though I do hope old Edsel gets well soon." He spins Sara around and has them off again, his movements practiced and graceful. His hair is hanging loose tonight, so it sweeps across his shoulders as they glide across the floor. And he /does/ look at Sara, so obviously in love with her. He too, is glad they are moving and less noticable.

Melissandria almost fidgets. Almost, but not quite. "That was different." She replies quietly, her eyes out on the dance floor. "That was among friends who wouldn't make fun of me for it, not around strangers." Her eyes find Sara and Erikk, and she smiles. "I'm happy for them."

"Good answer!" chirps Sadaiya, holding her hands out in the classic 'lead on' pose. "It's my honor to be accompanied by the Harpercraft's newest male Senior Apprentice. Now let's show up everyone else." She winks broadly at Tremaine, turning up the silliness for the shy man's benefit. "I'll help make you look graceful and stunning. Promise."

Sara takes just a moment to spare a glance at Edsel, before her eyes refocus on Erikkhan. "I'm really worried about him. He seems to get better, then falls sick again." She follows his lead, with a bit less grace them him, but moving well.

Tremaine laughs nervously and says, "I doubt it, but I'll try and keep up." He takes her hand in his and leads her to the dance floor. He doesn't try any fancy twirls or anything, just assumes the approximation of the dancing pose the other men are taking and leads, moving his feet in time to the music.

Moria dances and chats the night away, and has a really fun time!

Erikkhan looks at Sara with sympathy. "I'm very sorry he's sick. But don't lose hope. I'm sure whatever healer he is seeing, they are taking good care of him." He grins at her and whirls them both around in a wide circle. "But come, tonight is a night for celebration!" he laughs and sweeps them off.

Sadaiya will have no such ease of dancing. Taking a few liberties with who is leading, she sends herself into a spin and returns, giggling up at her partner. "Never doubt my sense of style," she notes with yet another wink. Is there something in her eye? "'Sides, your sense of rhythm isn't terrible. You've got the basic steps down fairly pat. Not saying I'm going to make you do a toss dance with me but you ought to give yourself a bit of credit." A moment is taken to move around Tremaine while clapping her hands. Upon return, she asks, "So what are you specializing in?"

Erikk manages to elicit a laugh from Sara as she spins, "You're right, I know. I won't worry." Though, that does seem to be what she does very best. "Tell me what you're thinking?"

Erikkhan thinks for a second and turns his eyes to her. "That I am very happy to be dancing with you. That I am /outrageously/ proud of you. And that, we can openly be seen now, if we want to be." He takes them through the last few strides of the dance. When the music slows, and eventually stops, he leads them over to the refreshment table. "Something to drink Sara?"

Melissandria mingles. She's not afraid to chat with various people, or to just sit and watch, though she does turn down a couple of other young men asking her to dance. She's learned how to escape doing so without looking like a complete fool over the years...and for so long as she can get away with it, she will.

Positive reinforcement works wonders on a shy boy. Tremaine finds himself relaxing a little as Sadaiya does what she said she would to make him look less awkward. Going for a little bit of daring, he tries stepping away with his hand in hers and spinning her under his outstretched arm. He actually manages fairly well and says, laughing a little, "Maybe dance. But my main focus will be Harper Law."

Sadaiya laughs, a few stray curls floating behind her as she executes her spin. She is in her mingly element here. "Really?" she asks as her hands find their places on shoulder and in Tremaine's grasp, respectively. "I'd been considering that, but it seems like an awful lot of things to memorize. How do you find room in your brain for anything else?"

Sara keeps hold of Erikk's hand as he leads her away. "Years as an apprentice really make it hard to choose anything but juice, klah, or water." Slightly wry smile, "I probably ought to stick with one of those." Though, most likely, if he insisted she would take something diffrent.

Erikkhan laughs. "Oh, come now Sara. Try something new, I'm not saying get carried away." He orders another wine for him, and awaits Sara's decision.

Tremaine shrugs as his free hand goes back to her waist. "Sometimes I wonder if I do have anything else in there," he laughs, "But really, the rules that govern our behavior are things we grow up with. Specializing in that is just extending knowledge of the rules we already know." He relaxes immensely, now in his natural cerebral element. "If there is a dispute between Holders, for example. We should already have an idea of what is fair and what should be done, but learning Law makes us aware of why and gives us better knowledge of the details."

Sara sticks her tongue out at Erikk for just a second. Try something new huh? Sara runs her fingers through her hair. "Something mild please?" She is delivered a watered down wine.
A slight thoughtful frown tips the dark bow of Sadaiya's lips downwards. "Do the Holders tend to keep true to law? How often do they try to bend the rules, as it were?" She laughs, shaking her head. "I'm sorry I'm asking so many questions. All the answers I've gotten have been from Holders themselves and not from the third party mediators. It's interesting."

Erikkhan laughs when Sara sticks her tongue out at him. "Enjoy." He smiles warmly at Sara and sips his own wine. Just then, Erikk's friend he'd been talking to earlier comes up to order a drink and bids Erikk hello again. Erikk smiles, and wishes, only a little, he could have finished his conversation with the man earlier.

Cothia is fleeing the party after watching the dancing, done being the wallflower and lingering to the side.

In the distraction Sara catches sight of Edsel trying to stand on his own. "Erikkhan, I need to go help Edsel... later?" She looks up at him with what coudl almost be a 'com hither' smile. To causal listeners it sounds like they have a conversation to finish.
Erikkhan smiles and nods. "Aye, later. Be careful!" He gives her hand a squeeze, gives her a loving look, and turns to his friend to resume their conversation.

Melissandria wanders off after a time, perhaps to talk with others elsewhere, or perhaps to study.

Tremaine nods, "It happens now and again, though Holds with their own Harpers as advisors and teachers are usually familiar enough with the laws to be able to avoid conflict in the first place." He pauses in thought a moment, and pulls Sadaiya in closer so he can spin the two of them in a circle before he continues, "It's more a preventative measure than anything else, I think. We study the law just in case. Though I could be wrong, I'm only just a Senior Apprentice, after all."

Sara smiles once more to Erikk then moves fairly quickly to Edsel's side. "I was wondering if you might show me where they put me in the journeyman section." Edsel isn't fooled, but lets Sara take his arm and help support him none-the-less. "Don't let me take you away from that young man," he nods in Erikk's drection. Any further conversation is lost as the pair exit the room.

Erikkhan soon finishes his conversation and heads for the stairs, intending to reach his room and his bed. The day has just been /too/ exciting.

A small shrug lightly ripples Sadaiya's shoulders and sends a curl draping down over her bare collarbone. "Hey, we're all here to learn, no?" she notes didactically. "Seems like you're very passionate about Law though. I envy you, really. I'm still looking for something that really grips me. Then again the chances of me becoming a regular apprentice are fairly slim unless someone gives my father a brain transplant." She huffs and rolls her eyes, then smiles. "Sorry. Personal complaint."

Tremaine nods with a grin, "Doesn't want to lose you to the Hall, huh?" He looks apologetic and quickly backtracks, his dance steps stumbling a little as well, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't pry too much. I'm inquisitive by nature. Law is less a passion than knowledge, I guess. So many questions about so many things...I think Law was just the best way for me to answer those questions."

"No no, it's completely okay. You're spot on, actually." Sadaiya is unruffled and tightens her grip on her partner's shoulder to hopefully help his balance. "He's a skosh overprotective, especially with all the goings-on around this hold and the dreaded 'wedding incident.'" Her lips purse for a moment. "Speaking of, how DOES law handle things like poisonings and murders of Lady Holders? I've not heard much about investigations."

Tremaine shakes his head and shrugs, "I have no idea. People are being pretty quiet about it right now...which means you could probably ask a drudge and get the full story." He laughs a little, then composes himself to act more appropriate to the subhect matter. "I'm not entirely sure what they would do to the Lady Holder's murderer. Sometimes it depends on who it is, but I think they're usually sent into exile."

The music swells once more, then dwindles to a finish. Curtseying to Tremaine, Sadaiya spins out of the dance, then applauds the musicians. Once the clapping is done, she gestures to an unoccupied table. "C'mon. Let's take a load off. You deserve a break after I forced you into the onerous task of being my partner."

Tremaine laughs, then remembers himself as the music fades and his moment of relaxation is gone, "Actually, I should be going back to my room. Now that I'm a Senior Apprentice, I'll have even more duties than before." He smiles hesitantly and adds, "I'll take a raincheck though, I don't think I've had this much fun at a formal gathering...well...ever!"
Can you believe that Sadaiya actually blushes slightly. A pleased smile also splits across her face. "Me neither. Consider yourself tapped not just for your shiny new knot, but for eating a meal of your choice with me at some point! And, once again, congratulations. From what we've talked about tonight, you definitely deserve the promotion." Stopping for a moment, she raises her hands and fussily straightens Tremaine's knot. "There. Perfect. Do sleep well."

Tremaine blushes himself, his face turning beet red, and hastily makes his exit with a parting wave and a half-mumbled, "You too."